Jpsculpteur - Jacques Pissenem


Are you looking for new unique and original shows that will surprise, amaze and inspire your audience?
Then call on Jacques Pissenem. These musical shows are one of kind and will contribute to creating a memorable highlight for young and old alike. The shows are based on mechanical and human performance, a subtle and energetic visual mix.
You can see videos of the sound and light chainsaw carving shows performed by Jacques by clicking on « show ».
Jacques Pissenem adapts his participation according to the organization of your event.
Jacques performs up to 3 shows per day. The shows last for between 15 and 20 minutes. Night shows can be scheduled.
The show is a package. We arrive with all the necessary technical equipment (sound, lighting, set, and wood). We take care of set-up and dismantling. The shows can be perfectly integrated to many events (festivals, concerts, inaugurations, fair openings, exhibitions, Christmas markets, trade fairs, cultural and economic events, etc.)
The entertainment can be combined with the carving stand. Shows + carving stand means that entertainment can be provided all day long.